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A journey from environment to behavior to mindset

Cultures are like unique tapestries woven across the world, and through travel, we have the privilege to immerse ourselves in their vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and breath-taking stories, uncovering the true beauty hidden within the threads of diversity.

In our increasingly globalised world, discovering different cultures is a valuable and enchanting experience. Travel provides the opportunity to embrace the diversity of humanity and develop a deeper appreciation for the richness of traditions, behaviours, and perspectives that our planet holds.

In this moment, where I explore Asia with my family, I take a moment to highlight the beauty of travel. Here are five benefits and five drawbacks of traveling that I experience, and why discovering other cultures is so magnificent.


I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to let my wife and our two daughters taste the richness that travel, and cultural exploration bring. It is a privilege to show them the world, introduce them to different traditions, people, and landscapes. I cherish the precious moments we share as we explore new environments together and fill our hearts with unforgettable experiences. It is a gift that I will never take for granted because through travel, we create cherished memories and give our daughters the chance to grow as global citizens with open minds and compassionate hearts.


Cultural enrichment

Discovering new cultures opens the door to a world of insights and values that would otherwise remain unknown. Getting to know the traditions, art, cuisine, and history of other cultures not only enriches our knowledge but also helps develop a broader and more inclusive mindset.

Personal growth

Travel challenges us to step outside our comfort zones and embrace new experiences. This promotes personal growth and self-development as we learn to navigate unfamiliar situations, cultivate flexibility, and increase tolerance.

Interaction with diverse people

Travel allows us to meet people from different backgrounds and lifestyles. By engaging with residents and fellow travellers, we learn about their daily lives, overcome prejudices, and forge lasting friendships.

Broadens worldview

Exploring other cultures provides us with a broader perspective on the world. We discover that there are various ways to solve problems, define values, and live life. This helps us critically examine our own perspectives and habits and remain open to new viewpoints.

Appreciation for home

Travel enables us to see our own culture from a fresh perspective. By comparing it with what we have discovered elsewhere, we learn to appreciate the unique characteristics and beauty of our own surroundings. This fosters a sense of pride and gratitude for our home.


Culture Shock

Traveling to new places can be initially overwhelming, especially when significant cultural differences are present. It may take time to adapt to new norms, values, and behaviours, which can lead to confusion or discomfort.

Language barriers

In many parts of the world, languages other than our own are spoken. Communication can be challenging, particularly in remote areas where English or Spanish may not be widely understood. This can hinder interaction and sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Costs and planning

Traveling can be financially and logistically challenging. From flights and accommodations to travel insurance and visas, there are expenses associated with exploring new cultures. Additionally, planning and organising travel itineraries require time and effort. Moreover, frequent air travel and mass tourism can have negative effects on the environment and contribute to climate change. It is important to travel consciously, promote sustainable practices, and responsibly manage the natural resources of the visited destinations.

Health risks

Depending on the destination there may be health risks such as infectious diseases, food poisoning, or altitude sickness. Taking precautions and being aware of the health regulations of the visited countries is important.

Fatigue and hardships

Travel can be physically demanding, especially when exploring countries with different climates, long-distance travel, and dealing with jet lag. Constant moving and adapting to new environments can be exhausting.

Why travel is so beautiful?

Travel offers us an invaluable opportunity to embrace humanity in all its diversity. It opens the door to new experiences, stimulates personal growth, and enhances our understanding of the world. By exploring new cultures, we not only learn about others but also learn about ourselves. Travel brings people together, strengthens empathy, and promotes global citizenship. It is an adventure that nourishes the mind, broadens horizons, and creates lifelong memories.

So, I take a moment to share and enjoy our journey in Asia, letting the beauty of discovering cultures fill our hearts with wonder and joy.

In the turbulent chaos of my time in the military, where misery and dynamism often dominated my surroundings, there was a special power that always enabled me to discern beauty. Amidst the smoke and confusion, I found moments of silence and peace, where I could cast my gaze upon the breath-taking surroundings that surrounded me. It was in those seemingly contradictory situations that I discovered the value of finding beauty amidst chaos and learned that even in the darkest times, there is always a beam of light, radiating magnificence and wonder, ready to embrace us.

If you would like to share your own travels with me, please contact me after August 9th.

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