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The key to more comfort, safety and happiness in your (high-risk) private and  professional context.
Ownership and resilience enhance well-being and performance.

Take ownership of your behavior

Wat ik doe

gewoonTwan: no average..


I am so happy with the extraordinary guidance I received, thanks to Twan I was able to restore my confidence in myself, in my surroundings and in my belief in a better future.

- military operator

Over mij

About me

Authentic | Resolute | Caring

Getting to the core quickly: that's my strength. How do I do this? By reading (non)verbal behavior, putting you at ease, and thereby truly connecting with you.

I've been doing this for over thirty years in the high-risk sector. At (inter)national level. And if you gain insight to regain control? Then I ensure you truly believe in it.

With my persuasive skills and extensive experience in Defense (The Commando Troop & the Marine Corps), the high-risk sector, and the maritime sector, I ensure that you reinforce and hold on firmly!

  • Learning to take ownership of your behavior

  • 35+ years of experience in high-risk sectors


Furthermore, it is a true pleasure to collaborate with several renowned training agencies on topics such as ownership, leadership, behavior change, culture, and team development.


Success is achieved not only by individuals but also by teams and ultimately the entire organization.

'What one has to learn to do, one learns by doing"
- Aristotle


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