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Visibility is a choice

To be visible or not? It is a choice we are free to make, depending on what suits us best at any given moment. It's about finding a balance between standing for our beliefs and making space for ourselves.

In a world where everyone seems to constantly share their opinions and visibility is seen as the norm, it is important to recognise that being visible is not always an obligation. Sometimes, it is necessary to stand up for what we believe in, while other times it may be better to step back and choose a more subdued approach. It's all about creating our own context that aligns with who we are in that moment.

Allowing ourselves to occasionally retreat and choose a different strategy is crucial. By acknowledging that we don't always have to be visible, we give ourselves the space to breathe, reflect, and preserve our energy. This doesn't mean hiding or suppressing our opinions, but rather consciously making choices about when and how we want to express ourselves.

In and out

The power of stepping in and out at the right moments lies in our ability to be flexible and adapt to the situation. Sometimes, it's necessary to actively participate, raise our voices, and show our presence. Other times, it may be wise to take a step back, observe, and listen to others. By consciously choosing when to step in and out, we can communicate more effectively, reconsider strategies, and even gain new insights. This skill allows us to maintain control over our own narrative and thrive in a world full of change and dynamism.


Sharing this feeling with others is essential. By openly communicating our need for personal space and the ability to choose when we want to be visible or not, we create understanding and respect in our environment. It enables others to respect our boundaries and encourages them to take their own space as well.

The power of sharing our emotions lies in the connection it creates. By being open about our feelings, we give others the opportunity to show empathy, provide understanding, and form a supportive network. Sharing our emotions liberates us from the burdens we sometimes carry and opens the door to growth, healing, and mutual support.


Authenticity doesn't always mean being constantly present. It means allowing ourselves to be who we truly are, without the pressure of external expectations. By consciously choosing when to be visible and when to retreat, we maintain our own power and integrity.

The true power lies in being genuinely yourself, without succumbing to the expectations and pressures of others. It is a liberating act to stay true to our own values, passions, and goals, and not let others dictate our lives. By being authentic and following our own path, we create a life that is true to ourselves, filled with fulfilment and meaning.

Visibility is a choice that doesn't need to be made every day. Sometimes, it's necessary to stand up for our opinions, while other moments call for a more subdued approach. By creating our own context and giving ourselves the space to choose, we preserve our authenticity and foster personal growth and well-being.

Let's embark on an adventure together and explore when it's time to step in or out! Whether you want to brainstorm, have a conversation, or simply share, I warmly invite you to reach out to me. Let's discover the power of timing together and shape our own unique journey. I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s meet….

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